From the outdoors to online – our story

Hazel Advertising Pty Ltd started off in 2014 with an initial focus on outdoor advertising. Well, the outdoor elements proved a little uncomfortable, so after a few detours, the company settled on online advertising.

Current Affairs ZA is our flagship project. We strive to bring the public the best of South African news – concise, unbiased and fun!

With news comes lots of online traffic, and if you have a business that could do with some eyeballs on it, we’d be happy to partner with you on some sponsorship content.

For the moment, we are publishing SEO-optimised content on Current Affairs ZA for free. First and only rule of thumb – your content should be SEO-optimised! We would not be able to share it on Facebook as a sponsored article, so the source of traffic would mostly be from search engine or related posts on Current Affairs ZA.

In case you are interested, please get in touch via our contact page or email your content to info[at] Alternatively, please email it to contact[at]

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